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We all know how much damage the sun can cause to our skin and our cars, so we must know what type of window tint is best for our vehicles. 
Car window tint comes in different types and percentages, which means it will also come with a different price tag. It’s important to know how much you should be spending on each type of tint, and what they’re used for.
Here we are breaking down all the features and benefits of them so that you can make the right choice in your buying decision.

Types Of Window Tinting For Cars

Here’s a quick look at the six main types of car window tint.

Dyed Window Tint

dyed window tint

This tint is equipped with a layer in the middle of the glue and the dye. It can do a lot for aesthetics. It can also be a suitable tinting choice for people who want to reduce their expenses considerably.

This type of tint would be the most inexpensive option but, the practicality is lower if we are to compare it with other types. The dye prevents the heat from entering your car by blocking the sun’s rays and absorbing the solar heat. 

Dyed window tint is used mainly for aesthetics, and it provides a great level of privacy. If one is to be viewed from the outside, the chances are very low for invading your privacy, and it also lowers the chances of breaking and stealing from one’s car.

This tint can look different on various types of windows!

A Residential window tint can look opaque from the outside, whereas when applied to a vehicle it could look black.

If we were to analyze the downside of it, this type of window tint could not pass the test of time, and potentially it will fade and also the protection.

Hybrid Window Tint

hybrid window tint

The Hybrid film, in brief, is a blend of metalized and dyed tints. It obstructs sun rays, glare, and immoderate heat. 

It’s known for being particularly sturdy as well. If you’re interested in a car window tint that’s impressively resilient, the hybrid route may be optimal for you.

This type of tint, however, is more expensive, and there will be interference issues for technology due to its metallic particles. 

Metallized Window Tint

Metallized window tint

Metalized window tint is exactly what it seems to be. It includes metallic particles.

That’s the reason it’s especially dense. It can make a rock-solid window tinting choice for people who want to steer clear of discoloration and fading.

They are better than dyed tints and are affordable. Keep in mind though that they also interfere with radio signals, GPS, and other technologies alike. 

Carbon Window Tint

carbon window tint

Carbon window tint can be a better choice for matte-finish fans.

​This tinting is in no way, shape, or form susceptible to unsightly fading.

​It differs from dyed films in this sense. It can be a strong window tint option if you want to avoid glare and immoderate heat.

They are also superior to dyed and metalized tint, however, the price is also higher, and you may not find them that easy to purchase.

Ceramic Window Tint

ceramic window tint

Ceramic window tint is the best option available in terms of quality, protection, and benefits.

It can reduce the heat by up to 85% which is incredible. No other type of window tint can accomplish that level of heat reduction.

It also offers 99% UV protection which means you do not need to worry about health risks that can be caused during exposure.

Ceramic tint has great durability, making it better than plastic and metallic stuff. 

This means that you can have great protection against robberies. 

It provides glare resistance, and infrared protection, and also does not block electromagnetic signals from GPS, Wi-Fi, radio, and other similar technologies.

If you are gadget-passionate and have many of these on your vehicle you do not need to worry about interference with this ceramic tint.

The drawback of this type of tint is that you cannot make it as darker as the other ones.

If you are concerned about privacy, then you might want to consider other types of tint.

The price is also higher but if you want quality and protection then this is your best choice!

Crystalline Window Tint

Crystalline Window Tint does not offer any privacy or design value because as its name suggests it is clear as a crystal. 

If you are the type of person who does not like the darkness that tints are offering for your vehicle and you only want the benefits of it then this tint is for you!

This tint can block UV rays and heat from entering your car, making it a great choice for those of you who have these preferences. 

When choosing this tint you also do not have to worry about window tinting laws. Your vehicle will look perfect at inspection in case anyone pulls you over. The officer won’t have anything to complain about your tinted windows.

Conclusion on Different Types Of Window Tinting For Cars

We have broken down the different types of window tinting for cars and analyzed their benefits and drawbacks. 

Whether you are looking for a cheap window tint that can offer you great aesthetics and privacy, then a dyed tint may be your best choice.

If you want a tint that offers only benefits like blocking the sun with its heat and UV rays from entering your vehicle, and you are not concerned about aesthetics then the crystal tint may be the right option for you.

In regards to the best quality, benefits, complexity, and more for your window tint, the ceramic tint has all it takes. 

As you can see, there are multiple options to choose from.

​All you have to do is decide which window tint is best for your car, and go ahead and purchase them.