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Whether you are a law enforcer or you own a window tint shop and need a window tint meter to check the tint of vehicles then this post is for you.

Or maybe you are a vehicle owner with tinted windows, and you want to protect yourself from incorrect fines given by officers. 

This post was created to help you to make the right choice in your buying decision for a tint meter. 

Here we analyze the pros and cons of some of the best window tint meters available for sale. 

By reading this post, we hope that you won’t have any more doubts about which window tint meter is more suitable for your needs. 

Best Overall

inspector 2 tint meter

Inspector 2 Tint Meter

  • Has the ability to measure all car windows, including front windshield and rear windows.
  • Small, light, and easy to use – carry it in your pocket.
  • Auto calibration feature.
  • Used by Law Enforcers Worldwide.
  • Great accuracy = 2% +-
  • Use it anytime: day or night! 

Best Value

enforcer 2 tint meter

Enforcer 2 Tint Meter

  • Used by Law Enforcers Worldwide.
  • High-quality, assembled in the USA.
  • Battery included lasting up to 5000 uses.
  • Auto-calibration feature.
  • The smallest and most robust tint meter on the market!

Best For Budget

linshang portable tint meter

LinShang Portable Tint Meter

  • Three functions in one device:
  • – UltraViolet Transmission Meter
  • – Infrared Transmission Meter
  • – Light Transmittance Meter
  • Rapid Measurement.
  • Save money with this device with the 3 in 1 functions.

Inspector 2 Tint Meter TM 2000 by Laser Labs (Best Overall)

inspector II tint meter

Tint Meter Inspector 2 with its two-piece measurement device can measure all car windows, not just roll down windows.

You can measure the front windshield, and rear windows too.  

The dimensions of this product are 3.75 x 1.75 x 1.25 in. (95 x 45 x 30mm) and only 3.2 ounces (90g) which makes it a small and easy-to-use device. You can carry it even in your pocket

The Inspector II runs on two 3V coin cell batteries which are included.

These can last up to 4000 uses and have a ten year shelf life

Its Auto calibration feature activates every time it is used. No need to worry about a wrong reading. 

Magnets are what connect the two sides of the window making it very easy to use. 

The Inspector 2 is accurate within plus or minus 2% and is not affected by humidity or stray light.  

Used by Law Enforcers Worldwide. 

Works on all windows up to half an inch thick.

It can measure tint levels on any auto window at any time of day or night.

The measurement reads out a value between 0% and 100% 

inspector II tint meter - how to use

Two NIST traceable reference samples are included with each meter.  The lighter sample is high transmittance (65% to 80%), and the darker sample is low transmittance (20% to 35%).


How To Use Tint Meter Inspector 2

The Inspector 2 works on all windows: roll down, front shield, rear window.  When you hold both sides together it turns on.

The next step is to place the back meter onto the inside of the window. You can either hold it or use the suction cup. 

Put the front meter on the outside of the window over the back meter, to get the VLT on the display of the device.

how to use tint meter inspector 2

Comes also with a user manual, a certificate of accuracy, a carrying case for protection, and a tint law card. 

Cons: More expensive, but you can measure all types of windows. 

Enforcer 2 Window Tint Meter TM 1000 by Laser Labs (Best Value)

enforcer II tint meter

The Enforcer 2 Window Tint Meter is used by Law Enforcers Worldwide

It works on roll-down Windows only! Place it on the window and within 1 second you will have the exact measurement of the VLT. 

After you lift it back it turns off automatically! It’s that simple!

With an accuracy of plus or minus 2% you can easily get the reading of the window

Its reading range is from 0%-100% VLT.

Its accuracy is not affected by humidity, thus you can use it even in not-so-friendly weather. It will not affect your reading!

With a Certificate of Accuracy, you can put your trust in the device’s capability!

Being assembled in the USA, you can make sure that the quality is high

Comes with Two NIST traceable reference samples so that you can test the meter’s accuracy and be sure that it works perfectly every time. 

 The lighter sample is high transmittance (65% to 80%), and the darker sample is low transmittance (20% to 35%).

The battery is included and it lasts for up to 5000 uses. Imagine how great that is! No need to worry about the battery dying fast or about cables and sockets!

With a warranty of 1 year, you can return the product at any time if anything unexpected happens to it! 

At its weight of 60g only and its size of 3.75 x 1 x 1.75 inches (95 x 45 x 22mm), it fits easily into your pocket.

By using this device you will know exactly how much light the window is blocking with the tint.

Auto Calibration feature → No need to worry about calibrating the meter every time you use it. Press the power button, add it to the desired window, get the measure, then turn it off! Repeat the process as many times as needed! 

Working during night time or in dark places too! No need to worry about its usage only in the daytime or sunlight! 

Due to its performant technology, you can also use it at night or in a dark environment! 

The meter will emit a light that goes through the window and the sensor on the other side will measure how much light went through! 

It is the smallest and most robust tint meter on the market

You will also get a user manual, a carrying case, a tint law card, and two NIST traceable reference samples. 

Cons: Measures roll-down windows only. Cannot be used for windshield or rear window testing. However, the price is more affordable. 

enforcer II tint meter - what is included

How To Use Enforcer 2 Tint Meter

Make sure your windows are clean and free of any dirt. 

Roll down the window, and place the device on it.

​Wait for 1-4 seconds for your reading!

how to use enforcer II tint meter by laser labs

LinShang LS162 Portable Window Tint Meter (Best For Budget)

3 in 1 test meter

Great portable Tint Meter. Rapid Measurement. Three Functions in One Device:

  • UltraViolet Transmission Meter
  • InfraRed Transmission Meter
  • Light Transmittance Meter 

All the functions are displayed simultaneously on the digital display of the device.

With this device, you can save money. No need to spend extra cash on other devices for the measurement of UV transmission & IR. You have all these functions in one device.

  • It is compact, and portable due to its small size of *120 mm *75 mm *25 mm
  • Test any window sample thickness up to 8 mm
  • Suitable for measuring tint, tinted glass, window tint, side windshield, etc. 
  • It weighs 165g and has a measurement range of 0-100% VLT. 
  • Requires 4 AAA Batteries and are not included.
  • Downsides:  Cannot be used for the testing of the front windshield or rear window. Batteries are not included. ​​
transmission meter

How To Use LinShang LS162 Tint Meter

Place your glass or tinted glass on the device and after pressing the ON button the test data will be displayed immediately. 

You will get a reading for all three functions at the same time: 

  • VLT
  • UVR
  • IRR

By pressing the Hold button, the readings will be locked on the digital screen even after taking away the test material. 

The meter is small and easy to carry and use. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

You can test thin film, stick-film glass, and automotive side windshields.

The meter will automatically power off in 3 minutes without any operation. 

New batteries can be used continuously for 100 hours.  

Landtek Window Tint Meter 18mm Digital Tester

landtek tint meter

It can be used on all types of windows, front windshield, rear windows, and side windows.

Measurable Probes for accurate and reliable reading results

This Window Tint Meter is a handheld device that measures the amount of light that passes through the window and the tint film on it. 

The Digital Meter Display will show any reading between 0-100% 

landtek window tint meter 2

It has an accuracy of less than 2%.

It can be used during the day and at nighttime

It weighs 100g with a solid structure and a size of the main unit of 126 x 65 x 27mm which makes it very easy to use and carry.

Accurate & reliable reading results

One key calibration is easy to use.​

Comes with a Digital Tint Meter with a sensor, an Operation Manual, one calibration plate, and a carrying case for protection.

Downsides: Pricey, and comes without batteries.  

landtek window tint meter

How To Use Landtek Window Tint Meter

  • Add 4 AAA batteries into the device in the correct position 
  • Press the middle button to turn ON the device
  • To calibrate, place the two probes on each other. 

Make sure the lines are aligned and then press the CAL button.

The matter is now calibrated to 100%. 

To measure a glass sample, place it within the probes, and align the lines. 

The meter will show the measured value of VLT. 

landtek window tint meter test

Window Tint Meter Tips And Advice

Make sure you have the windows cleaned of dirt and any other materials before measuring them.

The device needs calibration before usage. This can be done by using the samples you receive or by calibrating via the button.

You can always use these devices either during the daytime or at night. 

Make sure you know exactly what you need to test before buying a window tint meter. 

Some are only suitable for side windows whereas other devices can measure the front windshield and also the rear windows.

Summary Of Best Window Tint Meters

Now you know all the details and models of tint meters available for sale. It’s easy to see why we chose the Inspector 2 Meter as our top pick.

Not only does it have the ability to test all types of windows but the feedback from customers is amazing. 

If you are looking to get the best option for your budget, however, you can check the Enforcer 2 Meter

It’s great not only for budget-conscious consumers but for law enforcers, window tint installers, and vehicle owners as well. 

Window Tint Meter Usage

​Law enforcement officers often purchase Window Tint Meters to check the percentage of tint on citizens’ vehicles. 

Yet, we as window tint installers are also in need of such devices. Because our job involves installing tints every day, this tool would make a great asset for us. 

Before and after we have completed the installation of the tint, we want to make sure that we have the right percentage that is legal for that state. 

Another group of people who may enjoy this device are those who want to make sure that they are not receiving incorrect fines from law enforcement officers.

If law enforcers do not have in their possession such a device and they are guessing your percentage, then they might be wrong sometimes.

Thus, by having a window tint meter you can always get yourself out of trouble and show to the officer that you are in the right laws and requirements of your state for tinting rules.

What Is A Window Tint Meter and How Does it Work?

Window tint meters measure the VLT (Visible Light Transmission) of Automotive Glass or window tints.

Tint meters work by shining a beam of light from one side of the meter through the window glass to the optical sensor.

Due to different and very specific tint laws in every state, such a device works great for law enforcer officers and window tint installers alike.

Before you make your measurement with the tint meter, please make sure that the window is clean of any dirt! This will impact the measurement!

When you are ready, place the instrument on the window, and within 1 second you can see the light transmission value of that window.

FAQ About Window Tint Meters

How do window tint meters work?

Window tint meters work by shooting a beam of light from one sensor to the other through the window. The amount of light received by the sensor will be displayed and given the VLT as a percentage. 

How accurate are window tint meters?

Window Tint Meters have an accuracy of 2% +-
This means that if you get a reading of 52% it could be between 50-54%. 

How to measure the tint of a window?

You can measure the tint percentage of a window by using a tint meter. This will calculate the visible light transmitted.

How to use a tint meter?

Place the meter onto the desired window glass, and then press the ON button. Within 1-4 seconds you should receive the VLT reading.

Do tint meters work at night?

Yes, they work at night too. The way they are designed has nothing to do with the environment they are used in. 

How do you calibrate a tint meter?

Some tint meters calibrate automatically. Turn it on and it should calibrate automatically and display a reading of 100.